How to Use the EASY STAKE

Watch the videos to see just how quick and easy it is to use the EASY STAKE home garden system. 

This clips shows how easy it is to insert the EASY STAKES into the ground.

Here Meg is following a string line to keep the rows nice and tidy. 

This video clip shows the stakes being inserted in the EASY STAKE. 

Take note that the wooden stakes just rest on top of the ground, they do not need to be pushed into the ground. 

This is how to set up a fence for climbing plants such as beans, peas, courgettes and cucumbers. In this video clip I am using 1.8 m stakes to be used with 1.7m high netting. For peas, courgettes and cucumbers we use a 900mm high netting , with that we use stakes that are only 1m high.

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From the original Easy STAKE through to junctions, frames and fence kits we have everything you need to get your home garden going.